Horse Ear Plugs

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Owner; Danielle Kennedy M.S.CC-A Clinical Audiologist

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New Hybrid Acoustic Foam Horse Ear Plugs- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (if they don’t fit your horses ears we will remake them to your measurements)!!! The ONLY product on the market with highest rated protection! Noise leveling, soft conforming, no pressure points… means no head tossing/shaking while riding. Fire resistant and hand washable… $20 plus shipping.

Acoustic Foam Infomation

Why is acoustic foam the best choice? Because it is specially designed to absorb sound evenly. This absorption is measured by a NRC (noise reduction coefficent) rating from 0-1. The higher the NRC, the better the absorption of noise.

The acoustic foam we use has a high NRC rating of 1.07. It is excellent for low thru mid and high frequencies. It is also meets the ASTM E84 Class A flame retardant specifications, and it is proudly made in the USA!!

Absorption values, 125 Hz- .32 * 250 Hz- .87 * 500 Hz- 1.23 * 1000 Hz- 1.11* 2000 Hz- 1.08 * 4000 Hz- 1.10